Vern Fish Windsor Chairs are constructed from locally supplied soft and hard wood varieties.
  The seat is made of a solid piece of White Pine carved deep with adz and travisher to provide comfort of fit and contours pleasing to the eye. The seat is thick to sustain the tapered tenons of the legs and to ensure stability.
  The legs stretchers and arm stumps are made of White Ash or Oak and hand turned individually on a lathe without benefit of duplication tools.
  The arms and spindles are made from hand riven pieces split from the White Ash Log to provide the straightest grain possible for strength, and on the bow or arm to achieve the necessary steam bends, while maintaining flexibility. Each Arm bow or spindle is hand shaped using spokeshave and shaving horse.
  No nails or screws are used only joinery, glue and wedges made of Black Walnut to ensure permanent stability.
  The traditional finish of the Windsor was Milk paint protected by oil or varnish. Modern oil base wood stains and urethane finishes allow the beauty of the wood to show through, enhancing the appearance of the fine lines and contours of the chair design itself.